Change law on computer evidence to stop repeat of Horizon miscarriage of justice

Innocent people were convicted of criminal offences such as theft and fraud, partly because they could not challenge the reliability of the Post Office's Horizon software system. This was due to legislation from 1999 stating that computer evidence is considered to be reliable unless proven otherwise.

Although the Post Office knew about multiple bugs in their system, they did not disclose this information to defence lawyers. The victims of miscarriage of justice had no way of challenging the reliability of the system, and in many cases their lives were ruined as a result.

There is more information about the legal position in this newspaper article from the Guardian. The article argues that this law seems to reverse the burden of proof normally applied in criminal cases. I passionately feel it should be changed to avoid injustice.

If you are a British citizen or UK resident, please sign and share my petition on, which asks for a “legally binding duty to disclose any known defects” in computer systems which produce evidence for use in criminal trials:

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