A hilarious magical adventure for children aged 5–9:
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Jasmine meets a unicorn who needs her help, hiding in the garden of her great aunt the wicked witch.
Soon she is on a thrilling mission involving ghosts, mermaids, a rather annoying fairy assistant... and a horribly hungry dragon!

Front cover of Jasmine's Unicorn

A short extract from Jasmine's Unicorn

  ... 'Well, I certainly wouldn't say no to a sandwich or some carrots or an apple,' said the unicorn, flopping down on the grass between two rose bushes. 'It's been a long time since I had any decent food.'
   Jazzy sat down on the grass as well, and opened her lunch bag.
   As the unicorn ate, he told Jazzy his story. 'My name is Cloudgrass,' he said, sinking his jaws with a snort of delight into a Marmite and lettuce sandwich. 'In happier days, I used to live with my family and a whole herd of other unicorns in a beautiful place called Freer Garden. By the way, are there any more of those yummy sandwiches?' Jazzy passed him a salad roll, and watched in disbelief as he munched it with sighs of contentment.
   Freer Garden, Cloudgrass told Jazzy, was a strange and magical land that floated somewhere outside the normal universe. There was just one gateway leading from it to the human world, and this gateway was in the cellars under the house of a rich old lady called Miss Peggy Fisher.
   The unicorns used to wander back and forth between the two worlds whenever they felt like it, clip-clopping through the stone passageways of the house after Miss Fisher had gone to bed and squeezing through a window with a broken catch. One summer night, the whole unicorn herd had been out in Miss Fisher's garden, enjoying the fine crop of strawberries that they had found growing there. Tired but happy, they were heading home, when they heard a fearsome cackle of laughter. Miss Peggy Fisher was standing in front of the gateway to Freer Garden, pointing a bony finger at them. The gate was now blocked by a massive rock.
   'You can keep your noses out of my strawberry plants in future!' she sneered. 'Off to the moon with you!' A beam of silver light shot from her finger, and as it zapped the unicorns, they disappeared from the earth and reappeared on the cold white hills of the moon. Only Cloudgrass had escaped...

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