In spring 2018, after nearly three months painting ballet dancers and people sitting under willow trees, I returned to the Tarot. This new deck, done in a very quick spontaneous way with Sharpies, harks back to my childhood love of drawing with felt-tip pens! Partly for that reason, it is called the “Tarot of the Younger Self”, but another reason is the influence of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk — to me, as to many others, a life-changing book about paganism. Starhawk talks vividly about different aspects of ourselves using the names Younger Self and Talking Self, and these terms have stuck in my mind thirty years or more since I first read her groundbreaking book. I hope the complete deck will be available on sale before the end of 2018.

June 23rd: a brief diversion from the Tarot to draw placards to carry at the March for a People's Vote in London — people ought to have the right to vote again, this time in the knowledge of what the deal will be, if there is even a deal at all.

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Last modified 14th October 2018
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