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Tarot decks shipping from UK

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks in stock — shipping from UK in 1-3 business days

Availability and prices correct as of 13 December 2020.

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks made to order — shipping from UK in no more than 2-3 weeks

Sorry, temporarily suspended while there is a risk of no-deal Brexit causing major disruption to shipping and customs charges.

Tarot decks shipping from USA

These 78-card, fully illustrated decks printed on demand by theGameCrafter.com are by far the best deal for US-based customers. The poker-size and mini decks should also be a great deal for British and European customers, but the larger decks are likely to attract import taxes. British customers may get a better deal on classic-size size decks at my Etsy shop.

Tarot background and meanings

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The easiest ways to contact me are via my Etsy shop or my GameCrafter page.

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Latest update 20th December 2020: the Glowing Tarot is now on sale.

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