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Tarot decks shipping from UK

These decks, which you can buy on etsy.com, include at least 78 cards unless otherwise specified — Major Arcana and fully-illustrated Minor Arcana — and some include lots of extras! If you are a resident of the UK or another EU country, these may well be the best deal for you, particularly if you want:

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks in stock — shipping from UK in 1-3 business days

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks made to order — shipping from UK in no more than 2-3 weeks

With these made-to-order decks, you get to choose the design that goes on the back of your cards — and feel free to ask for other customisation.

Tarot decks shipping from USA

These 78-card, fully illustrated decks printed on demand by theGameCrafter.com are by far the best deal for US-based customers. The poker-size and mini decks are also a great deal for British and other EU-based customers, with shipping and insurance coming to about $11, and no import taxes — I can confirm that this is the case, as I have just bought myself a poker-size deck.

However, I have to warn EU-based customers that VAT and a massive administration charge are applied to products imported from outside the EU if they cost more than a fixed threshold, which in Britain is 15 — non-British EU residents would need to check the precise figure for their own country. When I bought myself a classic-size deck from the USA, I found to my horror that the cost was nearly doubled due to import taxes. So, if you live in the EU and you want a classic-size deck, try my shop on etsy.com instead.

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The easiest way to contact me is via my shop on etsy.com — click the link underneath the “Shop Owner” photo.

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