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Tarot decks shipping from UK

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks in stock — shipping from UK in 1-3 business days

Availability and prices updated 27 September 2020.

UK flag - image from Wikipedia Decks made to order — shipping from UK in no more than 2-3 weeks

With these made-to-order decks, you get to choose the design that goes on the back of your cards — and feel free to ask for other customisation.
But US customers, please beware: shipping costs from the UK to the US have nearly doubled since July 2020, partly due to reduced number of flights as a result of Covid-19, and even more due to changes made by the Trump administration to the US postal system. So if you would like to buy one of my decks, you might prefer to choose a deck printed in the US.

Tarot decks shipping from USA

These 78-card, fully illustrated decks printed on demand by theGameCrafter.com are by far the best deal for US-based customers. The poker-size and mini decks are also a great deal for European customers, with shipping and insurance coming to about $11, and no import taxes — I can confirm that this was the case in mid-2018, as I bought myself a poker-size deck in late May 2018.

However, I have to warn European customers that the more expensive decks attract massive import taxes. When I bought myself a classic-size deck from the USA, I found to my horror that the cost was nearly doubled due to import taxes. So, if you live in Europe, including Britain, and you want a classic-size deck, try my shop on etsy.com instead.

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The easiest way to contact me is via my Etsy shop — click the link underneath the “Shop Owner” photo — or my GameCrafter page.

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